Things I Have Learned & Things Yet To Be Determined

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • I have had an "interesting" month. I have learned a few things from my experiences, and I find it "curiouser and curiouser", as Winnie would say.


    Things I Have Learned:


    1.  I was having trouble controlling my blood pressure.  The docs thought it might be due to meds or some physical issue.  It was from neither. It was from pain.  I have been able to reduce my bp meds quite a bit because my pain is finally getting under some amount of control.


    2.  I have to advocate for myself. I cannot expect doctors or even family members to "get it", if they are not told the true extent of my pain and suffering.  I was always one to hold back about my pain and discomfort. I thought I was doing the stiff upper lip thing.  What I was actually doing was sabotaging myself. 

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    3. Pets can be a great therapy. They do not require polite conversation.  They just snuggle and share love and comfort, even when we don't feel like talking.


    4.  I was worried about missing eleven days of work so far this year, and concerned that I might "run out" of paid time off and jeopardize my job if I had to miss more days than I have accrued. I talked to my ortho's NP and she told me to have my company send FMLA papers, and she would fill them out.  My worry is gone.


    Things Yet To Be Determined


    1. I am having an MRI of my knee Friday morning. My orhtopedic doctor is fairly certain I have seronegative RA.  Per my orthopedic, the MRI may be able to confirm RA, but not rule it out.  If I have surgery on my knee, he is going to do a biopsy. They tell me that may be negative also, but does not mean that I do not have RA. 


    2.  I have been fighting this "illness'....whatever it is....since last May. I am embarking on a new journey.  It is a new start for me, and I am looking foward to working with my doctors to get my life back. I am ready to move forward.


    Wishing you all less pain, and many blessings in your lives.





Published On: April 12, 2011