New Symptom?

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • My elbows have been sore and a little swollen late. Today I have a sharp, burning pain in my right elbow. Getting ready for bed tonight, I saw my elbow in the bathroom mirror.  The right elbow, right at the joint where it bends, is a bit swollen and has a circle with a diameter of an inch and a half of red skin around it.  Sound familiar to anyone?  I have had sore elbows for years, but never this sharp, burning pain. Usually it is a dull ache.  Now the redness is there. I guess it could be inflammation. I have an MRI scheduled at the ortho's on Friday.  Guess I will see if he or his NP has time to look at my elbow.  Any comments/info would be very welcome.

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Published On: April 12, 2011