Injectible Gel Could Help RA & OA Patients In The Future

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • Researchers at Brigham And Womens Hospital (BWH) report that an injectible gel may, in the future,  provide relief for patients with RA and OA.  There are over 25 million people in the US alone who suffer from RA and/or OA.  The BWH report states that the gel could be used to release medicine in reponse to enzymes in the affected joint.


    Jeffrey Karp, who lead the research on this gel and who is co-director of the Center for Regenerative Therapeutics at BWH said that the gel could have many medical uses including localized treatment for cancer and cardiovasular disease.


    Karp will persent his findings April 15 at the annual meeting of Society for Biomaterials (SFB).  Karp won the SFB Young Inestigator award for his work.

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    Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could perfect this delivery system?  Meds could be delivered exactly where they are needed.  Getting rid of the side effects of arthritis medicine is an exciting concept.




Published On: April 14, 2011