The Mutal Benefits Of Kitty Massage

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • It's a "family tradition", as the country song goes.  Every Saturday morning, KC, my youngest feline plops herself in my lap and looks longingly at my hands.  That is my cue to lay back and relax and start the Kitty Massage Extraordinairre. This tradition requires a little practice, but is not hard to perfect. As I gently stroke my kitty's head neck and shoulders, she begins to purr quitetly.  The normally bright and alert kitty eyes start to soften and close.  Soon there is a look of total bliss on KC's little kitty face. Kitties do have expressions.  Ask any owner, and you will soon hear stories of the "looks" these feline members of the family can give their owners. Not all looks are sweet and demure.  Some are downright demanding! Laughing  That is what makes cats such great pets.  They have their own personalities and they definitely consider themselves family members with all the rights and priviledges attached to such a position in life.  One of the best things about kitty massage is the benefit the "therapist" gets from the interaction. Kitty Massage makes me relax, too.  I can feel the tension easing from my body as I massage my little princess. I hope everyone who likes pets, has some creature to share his or her life. The benefits far outweigh any downside there may be. Of course, I don't see any downside! Wink

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Published On: April 16, 2011