Sunday Madness

Vanessa Collins Health Guide

    THUMP, THIP! THUMP, THIP! THUMP, THIP! What is that incessant thumping sound coming from my Florida room? Have I been invaded by a tribe of drum-beating nomads? Oh, wait! That is just my step-mother and her stand-up base. I do hear something slightly resembling singing, too. Whew! It's just one of my relatives intent on disrupting an other wise peaceful, rainy morning. Wink


    I hear the TV going in my folk's living room, too, and the distant ring of a five-string banjo in the background. That would be my dad, practicing his bluegrass banjo tunes.  It must be Sunday at my house.


    Usually I am at church at this time on Sunday morning, but we went to church last night, so I am home. "What is for dinner?" my mom asks. I reply that I am cooking out. "Do you have any lettuce?" she asks. I nod yes and go about my task of building a fire in the Weber grill. "Well, that's good," Mom says. "As long as we have something to eat." Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Did she not think we would have something to eat today?

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    I have to say that having my elderly folks here can be entertaining, fun and frustrating all at the same time. I have a suggestion for those of you who might have elderly relatives living with you now or in the future. Invest in a set of discreet ear plugs. They may save your sanity, and theirs! Happy Sunday, everyone.

Published On: May 16, 2011