Vacationing With Rheumatoid Arthritis & Declaring A Truce

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  • Lake - September 4, 2011September is here, and I am looking forward to my yearly vacation. If you have read my previous posts this month, you know that my RA is still not controlled. Regardless, I am determined to take my vacation. A Truce has been declared and I intend to make sure it is not violated by myself or my RA.


    Truce Agreement


    Article One: I have promised not to ride in a car for more than three hours. I have planned a trip to Kansas City, and that is a three-hour drive. I have agreed to spend the night there and not drive back until the afternoon of the next day. While there, I will visit some old friends, take in the Plaza, and do some window shopping and ice cream eating.

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    Article Two: I have planned a fishing trip with my husband. We will be fishing in our 11-acre lake that is about 300 feet from the back of our house. My husband and I will drive the Arctic Cat down to the lake, so that I don't have to walk down or up the hill, that can be a bit daunting. I am going to pack a light lunch, and we will spend no more than three hours on our lake fishing and just enjoying each other's company. The lake is so beautiful and the pristine water and wildlife are refreshing to the spirit and the body. My RA said this is acceptable, as long as I abide by the three-hour time limit.



    Article Three: I have designated one day for my husband and I to just rest, read, and watch movies. This most certainly would not be many peoples' “cup of tea”, but we love sitting in a room together reading and listening to classical music. We also enjoy a good movie. For us, this will be a mini vacation in itself.


    Article Four: I have agreed to not spend more than two hours shopping the Antique Mall while on vacation. I have further agreed to wear my orthotics in comfortable shoes. RA has agreed to not flare and make my hips, knees and ankles feel as though they had been on a two-day marathon run.


    Article Five: I promise to continue eating well on my vacation. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and no processed food. In return, my RA as agreed to not zap my energy if I am really having a fun day. My RA also agreed to look the other way when I indulge in my favorite cream.


    This is the agreement I have made with my RA. I intend to abide by my part of the bargain. I can't say for sure if my RA will be true to our agreement or not. All I can do is try. My intentions are to enjoy my vacation, and to cater to my RA at the same time. Any other arrangement would surely invite a flare. Catering to my RA has become second nature, but I wanted a formal agreement with my RA this time. I want to have some fun. Perhaps my RA will allow me a week without a flare. We shall see.

Published On: September 26, 2011