Celebrating Life In May

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • Just the thought of May makes me smile. May is the month of blooming flowers, gentle breezes, and welcome songbirds.  May is also the month we celebrate Mother’s Day, the month we celebrate life.


    Everywhere I look I see opportunities for nurturing. I believe the need to nurture is in most of us, if not in all of us.  Nurturing other living things is good for the body and the soul.


    I bought a new bluebird house this year. It is made of grey weathered wood, and has a shiny copper roof. We did not get the house up on its post as soon as we should have.  I was afraid no bluebird family would settle in.  I was wrong.  We now have a happy family of bluebirds living on the east side of our front lawn.

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    The bluebirds dart around the lawn picking up pieces of grass for their new dwelling.  Since I have a broken shoulder and wrist, I can’t get out and about as usual. What I can do, is sit on my front porch and watch the bluebirds enjoy their lives.


    The sun is shining brightly this morning. It is 74° and our little windmill tells me the stiff breeze is coming from the south.



    Our new bluebird couple is having trouble standing upright on this year’s growth of maple branches. They sway backward and forward as if they were acrobats trying to maintain their balance on a high wire. Finally they make their way to safety on one of the stronger limbs.


    Our house sits atop a small hill. There is almost always a breeze.  I decided last summer that I could no longer have hanging pots of flowers on my front porch. Watering flowers that are three feet above my head is not an option anymore, so I replaced the hanging pots of flowers with colorful wind chimes.


    My closest friend sent wind chimes for my birthday this year. They are now hanging from hooks all along my front porch. They are pretty and cheerful, and they make me smile. I love to listen to the melodies they make as they sway in the wind. 



    A few years ago I purchased a teal-colored ceramic bird bath and placed it on my front lawn between two maple trees. The bluebirds, robins, yellow finches and orioles visit the birdbath often. It is their oasis in the heat of summer.


    I spend a lot of time on my front porch this time of year. There is a magic carrot garden in my front yard, and every evening I plant carrot pieces for my bunny friends. I have been doing this for three years.


     My closest furry friend is named Heather. She comes to the magic carrot garden every morning and every evening. Sometimes Heather comes alone. Sometimes she brings her beau. His name is Harry, and Harry has a friend named Henry. Henry is quite a bit smaller than Harry. Henry would like to be Heather’s beau, but that has not yet happened.



    Heather is not afraid of me. She comes right up to the edge of the porch and stares at me if there are no carrots in her garden. 


    Heather has had many little ones the past three years. We now have three separate bunny families living around our home. One bunny family lives in the backyard under a pile of brush that my husband put there to burn. Needless to say, that brush pile shall remain untouched as long as my bunnies are there.


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    Brightly colored flowers are abundant this time of year. That is just one more reason to love the month of May.  I cannot tend to as many flowers as I have in years past. That does not stop me and having a small flower garden on the south side of our home.



    I have planted perennial flowers in my little garden, but I always leave an area for planting annuals. Marigolds are inexpensive and easy to grow. They brighten up my garden and make it an especially cheery place.


    My husband and I share our home with two fur babies named Teddy Boy and KC.  Teddy Boy is a huge rag doll cat who makes us laugh with his kitty antics.  KC is a younger and smaller version of Ted. Somehow these two cats communicate. KC does Ted’s bidding, and the two of them are quite good at herding their people.




    The need to nurture is innate and most of us. I believe that need is actually a gift. I hope you all have that gift, and that you are enjoying a beautiful spring.



Published On: May 20, 2014