Put A Little Spring In Your Step: RA And Shoes

Leslie Rott Health Guide
  • Being that it's spring, it seems that my posts seem to revolve around exercise and physical activity, which is ironic because at times, RA and physical activity can be diametrically opposed.


    Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day in southeastern Michigan. It was sunny and almost 80 degrees. I decided to go for a run, which really means that

    I would run one block and then walk two or three.


    Today it is cooler and rainy, and my hips are killing me. Not the smartest thing.


    But I will say, I bought a pair of Skechers Shape Ups and I love them. I was just wearing regular gym shoes yesterday, but I usually wear the Skechers when I do my workout DVD. Not only do I feel that they improve my posture, but I feel like my joint mobility is better, like I kick higher. They are very cushy, and they distribute my weight more evenly than regular shoes.

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    This isn't meant to be an advertisement. I am not getting anything for dropping the brand name.


    Honestly, one of the other things I love about spring and summer is being able to wear sandals. My feet are the most comfortable when they aren't scrunched into shoes, putting pressure on my joints. I love wearing flip flops, which aren't the most supportive, but give my feet the ability to breathe.


    I've never tried custom made shoes, but the flatter the better. I try and keep heels for special occasions.


    Do you find that your joints feel better or worse based on the type of shoes you wear?

Published On: April 11, 2011