Heart Disease and Lessons From Tim Russert

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  • I interviewed Tim Russert once.

    He was speaking at univerity in Southeastern Virignia where I was worked as a newspaper reporter shortly after graduate school. I don't even remember the name of the school.

    It was a simple assignment. One that, for him, would be no big deal. He probably wouldn't remember it the next day. I worked very hard not to be awed by this "celebrity" of journalism. I was friendly. I was profesional. But I was cool and distanced.

    I enjoyed the chat. He was funny. He was friendly and he was cordial. He didn't think so much of himself that he got impatient talking to a young reporter like me or glanced at his watch thinking of better places to be.

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    I hardly remember the piece I wrote. I don't remember what we talked about or the questions I asked him.

    And now, just like that, he's gone.

    I write this post in this community because heart disease is a major complication of rheumatoid arthritis. Its reputation as a "Silent Killer" is well earned -- you can't feel your arteries hardening or clogging. You can't see your heart struggle to pump blood through the body. Yet, a heart attack can happen in an instant, anywhere, and rob anyone of their lives, their fathers, brothers or colleagues.

    People with rheumatoid arthritis have enough to worry about -- chiefly the debiliating pain the disease causes. But heart disease is something that should be at the forefront of your minds as well.

    We have lots of resources here to help you find information on heart diease, learn the warning signs of disease and of a heart attack and manage your health to protect yourself from such a disaster.

    Any questions or thoughts? Please share them.

    Are you at risk for a heart attack? Find out the facts and the signs here.


    Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease in Rheumatoid Arthritis



Published On: June 15, 2008