Prednisone any real alternatives?

Kace Community Member
  • Dear Christine,

    Our specialist doles out drugs like candy; no explanation about the candy, I think they like to push patients out the door a quickly as possible. OK. The person that I am caring for is on prednisone and would like an alternative; we know it works, but hey - the side effects?

    How are you in sunny USA? Finally in our rural Aust. we are getting some rain - a little relief from the 100yr drought! Any information on the above would be helpful. We are currently trialling alternative tablets from USA called Amazing Arthritis relief - it took a month to get her by pony express I think! Anyway we will see, have you heard of it? The manufacturers are Exclusive Health Products in the States.

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     Regards Kace.

Published On: June 25, 2007
  • Anonymous
    Nov. 23, 2013

    Turmeric, basil, turmeric, brocoli, turmeric, boswellia, turmeric, garlic, turmeric & turmeric!!! turmeric is great. but tea, or make it yourself, capsule form, or just use the spice, and use it often!