Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dying and Death

  • Dying. Death.


    It is not something people talk about, is it?? Instead, they prefer to pretend that it doesn't happen, that everyone lives happily, looking as if they're 29 forever. But it does happen. People get sick, people die. And sometimes, having a chronic illness like rheumatoid arthritis puts this fact right in front of your face and it's impossible to ignore it.


    So we won't. In March, all the HealthCentral sites, including MyRACentral, are going to explore death and dying, sometimes as it applies to specific illnesses and conditions and sometimes, thoughts on dying and mourning in other ways. We are going to be talking about the issues the healthy prefer to hide, the thoughts we can often only share with other people who know, who've been there, we're going to name it, talk about the elephant in the room and where you go when it gets dark.

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    On MyRACentral, Lisa Emrich will write about Engaging with Grace, a project that promotes end-of-life discussion and planning, I'll be writing about what happens when RA threatens your life and Sara Nash will be looking at her 'new normal' and mourning the old normal.


    We will also continue the theme of getting your disease under control with our first quarterly check-in. In January, we posted 10 Things to Do to Ease Your RA and 10 Things to Do This Year - a list of suggestions for doodads and ideas to help you daily life be easier and to, in the long-term, help you live and thrive with RA. Did they inspire you? Have you started any of the things you promised yourself you would? If you haven't, what can you do to help yourself get there?


    In March, Lisa will post interviews with some of our community members who have Sjogren's, building our knowledge of this condition that often accompanies RA and I'll be writing about compliance and the role it plays in managing your disease. As well, check out Sara's post about her visit to the opthamologist.


    We look forward to sharing this, plus a few surprises, with you this month!


Published On: March 01, 2010