Diet and Exercise and Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • The birds have started chirping seductively at each other, parkas are being put away up here in the north and thoughts are slowly turning towards the coming spring and summer.


    Every year around this time, people start looking at little more critically at themselves in the mirror and this month, we'll be posting on diet, exercise and rheumatoid arthritis to help you meet your goals and put that spring in your step. We'll be featuring posts from our archives on these topics and Lisa Emrich, who writes about her journey to get healthier on HealthCentral's MyObesityConnection, will share her experience and progress. Sara Nash is jumping on the topics of Spring and starting anew and will share some yoga poses for people with RA.

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    Part of getting ready to leave the cave where we've been hibernating this winter is to get your RA under control. We're committed to continuing to inform you about the medications available to treat RA and this month, Lisa Emrich will also write about the newer Biologics, giving you facts that you can use when discussing treatment options with your doctor.

    April is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Every day, more than 600 women in the US are sexually assaulted and that number just reflects the women who report it - one Canadian estimate is that only 8 percent of women who have been sexually assaulted go to the police. These facts greatly impact how women make choices and lead their lives and for many, a course in self defense is a must. But what if you have a disease and chronic pain that make it hard to run or push or fight back? I'll be looking into ways of protecting yourself if you have RA.

    The members of MyRACentral are a diverse crowd, including people from all over the world, men and women, the young, middle-aged and older and for a while now, we've been cooking up something special behind the scenes. Later this month we'll launch an area on our site for teens and young adults living with RA, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (previously known as JRA) and other rheumatic diseases. We'll start off this exciting journey with an interview with Kelly Rouba, author of Juvenile Arthritis: the Ultimate Teen Guide (It Happened to Me), a post about what makes rheumatoid arthritis different in younger people and we have several more posts planned. If you're a younger user and have ideas about what you'd like us to cover, please leave a comment!


    We invite all of you to join the party and post your own SharePosts on these or any other topics. See you there!




Published On: April 01, 2010