Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Month

  • There's no doubt about it now - Spring is no longer theoretical, but definitely here. The birds that sang so seductively to each other last month are now busy feeding chicks. Pollen season has arrived with a blast of irritants making all of us sneeze and look as if we've been crying for days, the heat of the sun is getting stronger and as you walk down the street, in between sneezes, you see people happily turning their faces towards the big ball of fire in the sky (hopefully while wearing sunblock!). There are more smiles these days than there were a few months ago.


    The month of May is one of celebration and awareness. It's Mother's Day and we are using that as a reason to celebrate not just mothers, but women in general - we encourage you to write SharePosts about the important women in your life, be they mothers, sisters, wives or friends. May is also National Arthritis Awareness Month and this theme will be featured in different ways throughout the month.

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    May is also Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, Mental Health Month, National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month and Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection Month. All of these will be highlighted in a variety of ways, as well.


    Sara Nash's next post will explore how RA can interrupt life in unexpected ways and in another couple of weeks, she will follow up on her post about dating and being open about RA, bringing awareness of her disease to the people in her life.


    Lisa Emrich is continuing her three-part series about the newer Biologics, information that can be an important part of our own awareness about the disease and the treatment options that can make our lives better. Towards the end of the month, Lisa will share a story of reconnecting with a female cousin and how it brought her to think about family connections and autoimmune diseases from a personal point of view.


    As for me, I'll be writing about the mental health aspect of RA - how to stay sane when you live with a demanding disease. As well, RA, medication and the inactivity that comes with chronic pain can put us all at risk for osteoporosis and later in the month, I'll take a look at this topic.


    Please join us for this month of celebration and awareness!



Published On: May 01, 2010