National Arthritis Awareness Month in May

  • We often talk about losses, about what RA takes from us and how to deal with it - this is an important part of living with a chronic illness like rheumatoid arthritis, because without dealing with the losses and letting go, it's hard to move on.


    May is National Arthritis Awareness Month and usually, this means getting the message out there, educating others, bringing the story of RA into the mainstream. This year, we thought we'd add something a little different.


    RA takes. But RA also gives. And this is the point in this post where some of you may be looking at me as if I'd grown another head. But please bear with me for a minute. As National Arthritis Awareness Month 2010 comes to a close, we want to bring the awareness and the conversation back to a more introspective level and talk about what RA has given us. I'll start.

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    One of the guests RA has given me is resilience. Living in stops and starts with RA randomly stalling out plans and activities means I've gotten really good at getting back on track after a flare or an injury. On an emotional level, RA has also taught me that I can do almost anything. When you learn that pain isn't the worst thing that can happen - the worst is to not live your life - there isn't much that'll stop you. It may take longer to get where you're going, but you can get pretty single-minded about it.


    What about you? Please leave a comment and share your story. Let's celebrate our lives!


Published On: May 28, 2010