How Rheumatoid Arthritis Affects Men

  • Rheumatoid arthritis affects women more often than men and this means that MyRACentral can become a little estrogen heavy at times. Not this month! We're running with the theme of Father's Day, expanding it to include issues affecting men in general, as well as the relationships women have with them.


    We're thrilled to announce that this month, Andrew will be writing about being a dad with RA - look for his post in the week before Father's Day. I will also be posting interviews with some of our male users to find out in more detail how RA affects the lives of men. Are the issues similar to those experienced by a woman with RA or are there differences we might not expect?

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    Continuing the relationship theme, Lisa Emrich is going to explore the effects of RA on both men and women, investigating how the disease itself and the medications we take to control it may affect our bodies in different ways. Lisa will also take a look at sexual health and RA, a topic that often isn't mentioned by rheumatologists. As well, I'll be writing about relationships and love from a different angle.


    We are not going to be totally of a one track mind this month. June 6-12 is National Headache Awareness Week and in connection with this, Sara Nash will be writing about migraines. In May's Month Ahead post, I promised you a post about osteoporosis and you may have noticed that instead, I wrote about making sure you're getting regular checkups for various kinds of cancer, including melanoma. The osteoporosis post was postponed until this month because we needed a little bit more lead time - I'll be cooperating with Pam Flores from our Osteoporosis site, cooking up something special for our users here and there.


    We hope that you, our users, will continue to share your stories, both the struggles and the triumphs. This month, we especially hope that you will share your experiences about being a man with RA, being a dad with RA and that our female users will share stories of the important men in their lives.



Published On: May 31, 2010