Back to School with Rheumatoid Arthtiris

  • How did it get to be August already? My psyche is still back in mid-June, reveling in no longer wearing socks and being able to read a book in the park without my teeth chattering and yet, any day now, the first Back-To-School commercial is going to appear on my television and make me cry. I no longer go to school, but somehow, that particular annual barrage of commercials still feels like the official countdown to getting serious again and that's hard to face after a couple of months of summer. Or maybe it all comes back to having to wear socks again...


    One of our themes in August is indeed back-to-school and Lisa Emrich will be writing about heading back to campus and how to protect your joints while you take care of your education. Sara Nash will also be talking about homework, but a different kind. As mentioned above, for many of us school had such a profound effect that September still feels like the start of the year, the time when we start taking a look around and want to get organized. Sara will write about how to stay on task in terms of the "homework" that comes with having a chronic illness.

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    Throughout our lives with RA, we meet many medical professionals and some are amazing, the kind of people who truly exemplify caring. Others make you wonder why they ever chose medicine in the first place, as we live through them being careless and rough with our bodies and our feelings. In her second post this month, Lisa will share her experience with careless nurses administering her Rituxan infusion and the consequences it had for her.


    Another theme this month is about having hard conversations - with ourselves, with loved ones, with our doctors. One of my posts will take a look at how to prepare for your first appointment with a rheumatologist, a situation that can be quite nerve-racking. My other post comes out of my recent experience of being so injured I had to stop my life in order to heal and this one's about having a hard conversation with yourself. How do you tell if you just need to take it easy for a while or if there is something more serious going on? How do you cope with having to face the possibility that RA means you may have to change how you live your life?


    We look forward to the discussions about these topics and hope you'll join us in the comment sections and by writing SharePosts about your own experiences (click the share your story tab on the front page of MyRACentral).




Published On: August 01, 2010