The Month Ahead: Back in the Swing of Things

  • No matter how much we fight it, the lazy days of summer are coming to a close and life is revving up again. The kids are back in school, parents have that relieved expression that comes with the kids being back in school and those of us who don't have children or aren't going back to school still have that familiar itch starting to build. Sure, there are fall allergies, but it's more than that. It's the urge to get moving again. And here on MyRACentral, we got moving in a major way and have exciting developments for the site that will continue to bring you the kind of information you can't find anywhere else..

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    Do you want to have a family? Are you or your partner pregnant? Have you looked in vain for information on how RA affects pregnancy and parenting? Look no further! This month sees the birth of our new specialty area Pregnancy & Parenting with RA. The area will collect posts on the subject already in our archives in one place, as well as feature new content. Sara Nash will share her thoughts about the prospect of having a family now that RA has become an added factor in the consideration and later in the month, I will post a review of Suzie Edward May‘s book Arthritis, Pregnancy and the Path to Parenthood and an interview with the author. Much to our delight, Holly is able to post again and will share her experience with pregnancy and the challenges presented by RA.


    September is National Pain Awareness Month and I can't be the only one who had a moment with a mad giggle about how I'm already aware of my pain, thank you very much. Dark humor aside, rheumatoid arthritis comes with varying levels of chronic pain that can affect your ability to function and live your life. Therefore, we're launching a Pain Management area where we've collected a number of posts on the topic to help you find ways of treating your pain, as well as ways of living with pain. Over time, we'll also add new material to this area, starting this month with both Sara and I writing about pain.


    This month is also National Cholesterol Education Month and Lisa Emrich will share her experience with elevated cholesterol levels, as well as providing information about cholesterol in general, how it may affect you and what you can do to address it.


    RA can come with depression, sometimes severe depression and this can lead to questioning your ability to keep going. Six years ago, I was in that place and I know I'm not alone in having experienced profound feelings of hopelessness. September is National Suicide Prevention Month and to help you find tools to cope and reasons to keep going if you're ever in that darkest of dark places, Lisa will write a post on suicide prevention. If you're in a dark place now, please check out the Suicide Prevention Resource Center for help.


    We hope you'll join us this month and look forward to reading about your experiences in living with RA.

Published On: September 01, 2010