Breast Cancer Awareness Month at My RACentral

  • No matter how much we fight it, the seasons change, a favorite changing to one less so and back again. We put on sweaters, take them off again, remove the leaves from the gutters, shovel the driveway, put on sunblock and when there's a storm, we clean up and rebuild.


    Life's much the same. Throughout our lives, we change - it is the very definition of life and what makes it so infinitely interesting, enjoyable, frustrating and at times heartbreaking. We celebrate the joys, grieve the losses and weather the storms. And some of those storms happen within our bodies, causing illness that can completely alter the direction of our lives. This month on MyRACentral, we look at the changes illness foits upon us and the new paths we take as a result.

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    Normally, on the site, our focus is on RA, but we're expanding a bit this month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it certainly qualifies as a storm and a major life change. Breast cancer awareness is a natural fit for our site - not because more women than men are diagnosed with RA, but because we all have important women in our lives, be they mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and friends. Sara Nash will focus on breast cancer, sharing her experience of finding a lump in her breast and in a second post, Sara will interview the director of the yoga program for breast cancer survivors.


    Lisa Emrich will be exploring changes in her life after her diagnosis with RA. She will look back at the past four years of her life since she was diagnosed with RA, taking a look at the stages she's gone through and changes in her life. And because the seasons are changing, enhancing RA's already unpredictable nature, Lisa will also post about cold and flu prevention to help you stay as stable as possible during the high-germ season.


    As for me, I'll be focusing changes as it affects your personal development. What do you do when your life zigs when you planned for it to zag? We all have moments of thinking that our lives were not supposed to be like this and I'll take a look at adapting to the new, unknown and completely unplanned. You're not alone in this about the process - if you're in a relationship, be it dating, living together or marriage, your partner will also face the pressure of living with a chronic illness. Many are supportive and understanding, but some have difficulties processing the news and it can make it difficult to find your way back to being a team. In my second post this month, I'll explore the way RA can affect your relationship.


    We look forward to sharing our October content with you and hope that you will share your experiences with life changes, as well.



Published On: October 01, 2010