Rheumatoid Arthritis and Career: How Rheumatoid Arthritis Affects Your Job

  • November is a month of transitions. Fall is making way for winter, prompting us to get sweaters out of storage and make sure all the windows are tight enough to repel drafts. November is also a transition from the everyday to full-throttle holiday season, starting with an awareness that maybe we should get our acts together and ending with a "Yikes! There's only a month left to get it all done!"


    It could be argued that life is all about transitions - even when we're in a calmer time of our lives there is inevitably change happening. Last month, we posted about changing lives and this month, we're continuing the theme in a slightly different way. There are literal transitions and metaphorical ones and all three of your Experts are covering the range in between the two.

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    RA doesn't just affect our lives in terms of the physical, but can also impact our professional lives, sometimes by making it difficult to work and sometimes by opening up new avenues. Lisa Emrich will explore the subject of pharmaceutical companies engaging with people living with different conditions. Lisa will also write about the stress of special occasions, how they impact your life when you lived with a chronic illness like RA and how to pace yourself during holidays so you don't end up staying in bed most of January.


    The subject of the holidays is also on Sara Nash's mind, especially Thanksgiving and the idea of being thankful. When you live with a chronic illness, it can be hard to see the joy and beauty and Sara will write about being thankful when you live with RA. Having a chronic illness can also lead to a transition in your ability to live up to certain ideas of standards or perfection. Sara will also take a look at what happens when we fall short of these standards and how RA plays a role.


    This month, my posts are going to be all about the holidays. For many of us, the upcoming season involves some literal transition from point A to point B when we travel to spend the holidays with loved ones. How do you stay comfortable in a car, train or plane? For many of us, the holidays can also be a trigger for depression and for my second post, I'll be interviewing Merely Me, the Community Leader on our Depression site, about what it is and how to cope.


    We hope you'll join us this month and look forward to reading your posts about transition.


Published On: October 26, 2010