The Month Ahead: Rebirth with Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Rebirth. It is all around us here in the northern hemisphere as Mother Nature stretches, yawns and starts to come alive again. Walking down the street, I can see tiny, fragile shoots of the most delicate green peeking out from soil that has been frozen for too long. My soundtrack to the grocery store is the song of birds celebrating spring and I feel my connection to the earth grow stronger.


    Rebirth. Getting a diagnosis of RA mimics the cycles of nature. We grieve the old healthy us, saying goodbye to what was and are reborn as a new person, one who has a chronic illness. Like a newborn foal, we stagger, our footing uncertain, but as we go forward, we discover what this new life is about.

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    Rebirth. Finding a drug that works and experiencing remission is like being born anew, all over again. It starts with small signs, a joint that doesn't hurt quite as much as before, the ability to bend in a way you haven't for months. As you grow stronger, the world becomes a more vibrant place and you dive into a new life with new challenges.


    As you might've guessed, rebirth is our theme for April and your MyRACentral team will be approaching it in different ways.


    First, please welcome our two new Contributors. Leslie Rott is a graduate student who has lived with RA and Lupus since 2008 and shares her experience of living with a double whammy of autoimmune disease. Jennie Roe, our other new Contributor, was diagnosed with RA in the summer of 2010, lives in Australia and will write about her journey of discovering how to manage RA.


    This month, Lisa Emrich will write about aspects related to remission. Taking her inspiration from Earth Day, she'll talk about the recycling and disposal of waste from medical supplies. In the second post, Lisa will discuss guilt from a new angle, namely that of the guilt that comes with doing well.


    Sara Nash has recently joined a gym for the first time and will tell us about her experience. In her second post, Sara will discuss using humor as a coping mechanism and based on the many laughs I've had while reading your posts and comments, it's something we'll allbe able to relate to.


    My posts this month will touch on both types of rebirth. When we feel better, one of the ways we can get back into the swing of things is to travel and I'll talk about how you travel with Biologics. In my second post, I'll write about the if onlys, the compulsion to count the ways life would be better if only...


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    We look forward to talking rebirth with you this month.

Published On: April 01, 2011