The Month Ahead: Celebrating Arthritis Awareness Month!

  • Do we have a treat for you! May is Arthritis Awareness Month and we'll be celebrating for the next 31 days, helping to raise awareness about arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in particular. It will be a month full of treats - fabulous content and fabulous contests! More about that in a minute.


    First, I want to introduce you to our new Contributors. You already know V, who has worked as a Featured Answerer for several months. V is now a Contributor and will continue serving our community with her trademark compassion and dedication. 


    May Content

    Throughout every week this month, we will be publishing posts that have two purposes: helping you live better with RA and raising awareness about arthritis. These will include posts on navigating the healthcare system, incorporating changes in your life that can help you cope better with your RA and information about different conditions included under the arthritis umbrella. We're also very excited to announce that MyRACentral will feature several interviews with well-known people who live with RA and psoriatic arthritis.

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    We have created a special page for Arthritis Awareness Month that already has a lot of interesting content. We'll continue adding to this page throughout the month - add it to your bookmarks so you can keep coming back to see what's new! Later this month, we will also create a new area for psoriatic arthritis, an illness that in many ways similar to RA with the additional challenges of psoriasis.


    Don't forget to join us every Friday morning when we announce the Community Post of the Week. All SharePosts written by community members between the afternoons of the previous Thursday and the Thursday of the week in question are eligible and the Post of the Week will be featured in the rotating box of content at the top of the front page of MyRACentral. Have you written a SharePost lately? Write one and put yourself in the pool!


    May Contests

    We're thrilled to announce that our celebration of Arthritis Awareness will also include contests! When we were brainstorming ideas for prizes, we realized that other than living with an autoimmune disease, the one thing everyone in our community has in common is medication. Expensive medication. We therefore decided that CVS gift certificates would be the most meaningful prize and will be offering four of these throughout the month. Each week's contest will be posted shortly after midnight EST on four Mondays: May 2, 9, 16 and 23. Check out the rules, bookmark our Contest Page and join us for the first contest tomorrow!


    Stay Connected!

    All new content, including contest announcements, will be featured on the Arthritis Awareness page and announced on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. Please join us on and @MyRACentral for information and other community activities!


    Awareness and Advocacy

    Millions of people live with RA, lupus, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis and the other autoimmune disorders that are included in the category of arthritis. Millions of us know what it's like to live with chronic illness, chronic pain and chronic limitations. We can all take part in advocating for better treatments and better policies and raising awareness about these types of diseases. This Wednesday, May 4, I'll publish an interview with Dr. Patience White, VP of Public Health with The Arthritis Foundation which will include information on how you can get involved in the Foundation's work with advocacy and fundraising.


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    There are other ways of raising awareness. Do you have a Twitter feed or are on Facebook? Do you have a blog? Please help us spread the word about MyRACentral's content and contests anywhere you can! The more people who know what we're doing, the more they will know about the reality of RA. Our focus will primarily be on RA, but other types of arthritis and autoimmune diseases matter just as much. Please help us and The Arthritis Foundation spread the word.


    It's going to be a great month! We look forward to reading your SharePosts with your thoughts about arthritis awareness and advocacy.


Published On: May 01, 2011