Winners: Week Three Contest and Karen Ager Book Giveaway

  • Week Three Contest

    What's your most memorable experience in the healthcare system?


    That was the question in our Week Three Contest and boy, did you deliver! There were stories of clueless doctors and other medical staff, ranging from rude or ignorant to making the kind of mistakes that can be life-threatening. Then there were stories of wonderful medical professionals who cared about the whole person and their whole life, not just their symptoms. There was Quiltinggranny's story of being trussed like a turkey, Heather M's surreal and hilarious (in a dark way) account of a night in the ER and No 1 Nonny's  story about providing care to others in incredibly stressful situations.

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    It was hard to choose, but at the end, we selected comment #7 mommomdoodle, not just because of her wonderful username, but because of her harrowing experience that so well illustrates why second opinions are such a good idea:


    "Quite a few years ago I had these continuing pains in and around my stomach, but brushed them off as indigestion or something I ate did not agree with me.  Finally after one bad episode I went to a doctor my son recommended.  He was one of a group in a well known hospital.  The diagnosis was a gall bladder problem.  If the pain continued, come back, along with suggestions on what I ate etc.  I really did not like that answer but thought that the doctor knew better than I.  So, my son told me, always get a second opinion and he had another doctor in the same group test and examine me.   She told me not to wait around but get the gall bladder out now.  After taking out my gall bladder I found out that I had gangrene behind the bladder and it was a good thing that I had the operation, as that was very serious.  Lesson learned.  Always get a second opinion when in doubt or just to make sure it is the best thing to do."

    Congratulations, mommomdoodle! Allison Tsai has sent you a message with details on how to claim your prize.


    Hop on over to answer our Week Four contest - we're ending with a bang. You can win a $200 CVS online pharmacy gift certificate and that can certainly come in handy with medication costs (or chocolate). Pop over and answer the question, but remember to keep within the 200 word limit. If you go over, your entry won't qualify.


    Karen Ager Book Giveaway

    Have you checked out my interview with Karen Ager yet? She is a wonderful woman with a very interesting story and I can highly recommend getting your hands on her book. It's a memoir of a life with RA and will resonate with anyone who lives with the disease.


    Karen generously donated five books for a giveaway. We asked people to tell us what RA had given them and had some wonderful answers. The lucky winners are V, Leigh, Darla Jo, Cathy and Brad. Congratulations all! Allison will be contacting you to get your particulars so we can mail out your book!

Published On: May 27, 2011