The Month Ahead: Your Summer & RA

  • Welcome to summer! Two days ago here in Toronto, we had temperatures of 30C (that's 86F) for the first time since September 24, 2010. After seven months of winter - or was it a short Ice Age? - I am no longer wearing socks and all around me, people have a spring in their step and a smile on their face. There is something about the change of seasons that always thrills me and every day, I'm out there counting leaves or looking at the flowers that irresistibly pop up all around us, even in an urban center.


    We kicked off spring with a bang during May's Arthritis Awareness Month and if you missed any of our content, check out our Awareness page. We had exciting contests where some of our lucky users won gift certificates to the CVS online pharmacy and books donated by Karen Ager. One of our Awareness Month contests is spilling over into June - check out my interview with Christine Schwab and enter to win a copy of her book Take Me Home from the Oscars: Arthritis, Television, Fashion and Me. The contest runs until this Sunday at 6 PM EST.

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    Not surprisingly, many of our post this month will focus on RA and summer issues and activities. Cathy will be writing about the interaction between Enbrel and skincare, telling us more about rashes and impact of swimming on your skin. She'll also talk about getting back on her bike and how her RA feels about that. Staying within the topic of sensitive skin, Sara Nash will post about sun protection and give us an update on what's going on in her life.


    Weather of all kinds, not just the nicer summer variety, can wreak havoc with many people who live with autoimmune diseases and Leslie will post about how her RA and lupus react to what's happening in the atmosphere. She'll also update us on a new medication she's taking for lupus.


    This month, we'll also continue our quest to give you more information about the over 100 different kinds of illnesses covered under the arthritis umbrella and Lisa Emrich will be focusing on scleroderma in both her posts. V will be tackling Lyme disease, which can cause arthritis. We'll also talk about medication, living with DMARDs and pain management. Both V and Brad will be posting about these issues and how they have affected their lives.


    Next week, I will be musing about living with a chronic illness and time management. As of June 17, I'll be on vacation for two weeks, getting some sleep after the excitement of our Awareness Month celebration. Our team will continue to inform and support you, through SharePosts and answering your questions in the Q&A section.


    We look forward to reading your SharePosts this month about what you're doing this summer and what part RA plays in your plans.

Published On: June 01, 2011