Arthritis Awareness Contest #4 and Christine Schwab Book Winners

  • Week Four Contest

    What do you get when you ask HealthCentral users what surprising thing they learned during Arthritis Awareness Month? You get thoughtful and moving replies that touch your heart and make you think. Our Week Four contest entries ran the gamut of the deeply personal and the deeply personal with connections to a larger move towards advocacy. There was the stark and beautiful simplicity of theenzs saying "I learned that I am not alone" and Leslie's funny and moving comparison of RA to a nasty dog. We loved all of your entries, but had to choose just one to win the prize of a $200 gift certificate to the CVS online pharmacy. And the winner is - drumroll please! - Ish for this entry:

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    "I learned a lot through Arthritis Awareness Month, but the one thing that really surprised me was what I learned about myself. I learned that I have a voice. I have the ability to educate. I can speak up and help people to understand that this is a huge problem facing society.


    I learned that for me, a month of awareness could change a life"


    Congratulations, Ish! Allison Tsai, the Producer of MyRACentral, will contact you to make arrangements for you to claim your prize.


    Christine Schwab Book Giveaway

    I loved everything we did for Arthritis Awareness Month, but getting to interview Christine Schwab was extra special. Her memoir Take Me Home from the Oscars is a fascinating look into fashion and style reporting combined with very moving insight into what it's like fighting this disease.


    Christine generously donated two copies of her book. So much of Take Me Home from the Oscars is about hope and for this contest giveaway, we asked you what makes you feel hopeful. You left some terrific answers! We chose Ottergal for this entry:


    "I believe hope is a living thing and needs to be renewed each day. Small things have the most reliable impact but big things can give it a powerful boost. Being able to write two book reviews this morning gave me hope that my energy level is returning (I have OA, fibro, and a few other challenges), finding a lawyer who despite all expectations is willing to lead the charge for me getting SSD is a very large boost of hope, especially since my husband lost his job (and thus our insurance) about a month ago, and it has been a long time since I was able to work. Still, the small things are best. Just knowing I still have the capacity for enjoyment of things like a breeze hrough the window makes me feel more positive."


    The second winner is DPhillips who said


    "As a child, I watched my father fight this disease when there were far fewer treatments. When he was told not to try medical school -- and any number of other things he should not or could not do -- his reply, "With or without this disease, everybody's going to die; I'm going to die trying." So when I think of the success he ahieved, in spite of it all, I feel hopeful.  I have Remicade and other drugs that have worked wonders for me. He did not. So I feel hopeful and thankful for the example he provided!"


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    Thank you to everyone who participated in our Arthritis Awareness contests! Your stories moved and inspired our entire team.

Published On: June 13, 2011