September Month Ahead: Time for Change

  • The new year is here! Yes, I know it's September and that's exactly what I mean. Celebrating a new year when all you have to look forward to is months of dark and cold with no major holiday in sight until Easter doesn't feel like much of a reason to celebrate. September, on the other hand, is a completely different story. No matter how old I get and how long ago it's been since I was last in school, this month still feels hopeful and like the perfect time to make a change. I like wandering the aisles at my local office supply store, looking at file folders, binders and funky pens, dreaming of getting organized, making a plan and starting something new.

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    Sara Nash has been part of the MyRACentral family for several years, taking us along on her journey from being new to RA to becoming a veteran. She has taught us about yoga, traveling to the far reaches of the world, dating and creating community online and off. Now Sara is setting out in a new direction, starting an adventure. She'll pop in occasionally, but will no longer be a regular writer for MyRACentral. Sara's last post will be published next Tuesday. Please join me in wishing her luck in her new endeavour!


    The rest of the team will still be here, posting and answering questions and this month, many of the topics also fit into the theme of it being time for a change.


    The kids are going back to school and so is Leslie. She'll be teaching undergraduates and she'll explore balancing: her RA and lupus with work and teaching. Brad is also embarking on something new. He'll follow up on his workshop post, writing about hobbies and how to adapt them when your RA gets in the way. Brad's second post will be about something very new and very exciting - he'll be headed to Washington, DC to speak to Congress as an advocate for RA! I know he'll do a terrific job.


    Cathy will be exploring the changing roles in her life. She'll be returning help to her sister who is having surgery, giving back what she received and will also explore an interesting aspect of feeling better - is talking about it bragging? September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and Cathy will also share her own story of losing her father to the illness.


    Another theme this month will be improving your health, both specifically to RA and in general. Lisa will post on flares and the fear of what they might mean for the future. V is having battles with flares and is just starting Humira. She will write about her ride on the RA rollercoaster and about counting your blessings. We all hope to find treatment that can help us go into remission and have freedom from flares, but what exactly does remission mean? My post on this topic needed to be delayed to get more information, but will appear in a few weeks. Getting control of RA often involves getting your pain levels under control, but what do you do if you are in recovery from addiction? How does that affect your options for pain management? I'll be poking around in this issue, as well.


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    When you have RA, sometimes regular preventive care falls by the wayside. Lisa will also write a follow up to her post about vaccines, sharing her own experiences and some interesting research. RA can also bring along problems in other parts of your body and Leslie is battling issues that need a whole new specialist. She'll tell us more about that experience.


    Are your feet itching to move in a different direction? Are you planning a change in your life? One of them might be about becoming a video star. Check out our "This is Me" Health Video Contest - why not submit an entry?


    We look forward to reading your SharePosts and watching your videos!

Published On: September 01, 2011