Taking Care of All of You: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the pink ribbon is everywhere. Everyone is taking part - some by running for the cure, some by canvassing and others by donating to breast cancer research.


    How much do you know about breast cancer? This is an essential health topic for women of all ages, as well as the men who love them. This month, we are helping our sister site spread the word by featuring several posts from MyBreastCancerNetwork site that can help you with information you need.


    Top 10 Breast-Cancer Risk Factors. A no-nonsense guide to the mystifying what is a risk factor and what isn't.

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    Guide to Breast Cancer Symptoms: When to Worry, When to Wait. This post covers the basics, as well as giving you links to other articles about symptoms including lumps, rashes and discharge, information for women who are under 20, inflammatory breast cancer, mammograms and self-examinations.


    A Guide to Breast Cancer Diagnosis. A terrific post with lots of helpful information if you have received a breast cancer diagnosis. Information about treatment, breast cancer vocabulary, types of breast cancer and how to tell others of your diagnosis.


    Guide to Treatment: Surgery, Chemo, Radiation, and Recurrence Prevention Drugs. A collection of links to articles about everything you need to know about treatment of breast cancer. Picking a good doctor, mastectomy versus lumpectomy, reconstruction, how treatment affects other areas of your life, side effects and emotional aspects of the journey.


    Guide to Survivorship: Life after Treatment. There's a lot of focus on diagnosis and treatment on the Internet and in the news, but not a lot of information about what happens after that when you face the rest of your life. This wonderful article includes links to posts about the psychological journey from patient to survivor, the new normal, the fear of recurrence and how to limit the risk. It also deals with the difficult topic of recurrence or metastases and how to face death.


    Thank you to PJ Hamel and Phyllis Johnson for everything you do on the Breast.Cancer site!

Published On: October 07, 2011