Your Time in the Spotlight: A Contest with Meaning (and Money!)

  • Do you have a New Year's resolution to improve your health or to help someone you care about improve their health? Do you plan to involve technology in accomplishing this goal? If the answer to those questions is yes, the government wants to give you 15 minutes of fame!


    The Office of the National Coordinator For Health Information Technology (ONC) has launched a project called Healthy New Year Video Challenge. If you plan to change anything about your health in the coming year, they want to hear from you. The topic can be the more traditional New Year's resolutions such as losing weight or quitting smoking or you can look at aspects of managing a chronic illness.

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    The ONC has a list of examples of how you can use technology to help reach your goals. They include: 

    • Setting up an online health record to keep all medical information in one place
    • Finding an online community for your condition (if you're reading this, you're way ahead of the game)
    • Using an app to track what you eat (if you're using our Mood 24/7, you're also ahead!

    If you're part of the HealthCentral community, you are a savvy technology user. Why not use your smarts and creativity to enter this contest? Create a video (max 2 minutes) and post it to YouTube or Vimeo, then register with the Healthy New Year Video Challenge by February 16, 2012. Before you do so, check out the details of the contest, including the rules and then go for it! Not only can you win fame and money (first prize is $2000), but you'll also help create awareness about chronic illness!


    This contest includes not just an appraisal by judges, but also popular voting. If you enter the contest, please consider writing a SharePost for your community with a link to your video so the community can see what you've done and maybe vote for you.


    Good luck!


Published On: January 26, 2012