The Month Ahead: Getting a Spring in Your Step


    Is it too early to celebrate yet?


    The spring equinox is happening in a mere three weeks, bringing with it the end of winter, of being bundled up against the sleet and wind and huddling under an extra blanket (V introduced me to an electric throw - I can highly recommend it!). The seasons are also changing for our friends in the southern hemisphere getting closer to the crispness of fall. Either way you look at it, changes are afoot. As seems to be the case particularly in this season, we are waking up and looking outside of ourselves, taking another look at how we are, what we do and whether we can do better.

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    This sense of waking up and looking outwards is guiding much of our content this month. Lisa is going to focus on giving back to individuals and society, both. She will write about organ donation and how a chronic illness can affect your ability to save the lives of others. Lisa will also be taking a look at personal activism and connecting to government related to her coverage of the National MS Society Public Policy Conference.


    You may have heard of the impending methotrexate shortage. Methotrexate is used as a chemotherapy drug for childhood leukemia, but is also the "gold standard" of RA treatment. What does this mean for you? Why is there a shortage and when will it be resolved? Leslie will investigate this issue and hopefully find some answers.


    It's normal for many of us who have RA to experience chronic pain and this can worsen if you're having difficulty finding a medication that works for you. This month, V will post about living with chronic pain and how to find ways of coping better. One way to manage pain is make sure you get plenty of sleep. Brad will take a look at how medications may affect your ability to sleep and what can help you sleep better.


    Your RA and pain aren't the only parts of your body that need attention. It can be difficult to find time and energy to deal with the rest of your health and certain preventative tests may be affected by your pain levels and problems with mobility. This month, I'll be writing about bone density scans, the final post in my series on RA and preventative health screening (for more, see posts on Pap tests and mammograms, scopes and heart health).


    We're also diving into the topic of Spring. V will do a follow-up to her post on doing a Spring makeover, litigants know how things are going. Cathy will also explore her feelings about the first day of Spring.


    We look forward to sharing March with you!


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Published On: March 01, 2012