The Month Ahead: Renewal

  • After an extremely mild winter, Spring sprang early in much of North America. Outside my window, the hedge that is always the first sign of green officially marking the transition from winter, popped a week ago - a full month ahead of schedule! It's a little unnerving, but now that it's here, I've decided to embrace it.


    This is the season for newness. Whether it's buds of green growing every day, lambing season or birds hunkering down on newly laid eggs, the emergence of new life is all around us. Major holidays and traditions such as Easter celebrate new life, rebirth and renewal. There's no way around it: it's time to turn outward and rejoin life.

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    During the month of April, HealthCentral's RA Community team will continue our 2012 theme of building bridges with particular focus on helping you get back in the swing of things. Great idea, but when you have RA, getting the energy to get back into life can be a challenge. Next week, I'll take a look at what you can do to build and manage your energy.


    Several members of our team will focus on the change of the season and the theme of renewal. Cathy will post about spring and what it means to her. Chad is a minister and will write about faith and hope and RA. V will also jump into this topic, writing about Easter and new beginnings, adjusting to changed circumstances and moving forward with your life.


    Spring is also the start of tornado season. It seems as if the weather gets a bit crazier every year and lately, this has accelerated. Many people who have RA find that changes in weather affect their symptoms. This month, Leslie will take a look at what more extreme weather means for those of us who live with RA.


    Here on, we focus on helping people live well with a variety of medical issues. One aspect of living well is to focus on prevention whenever possible. Although we may not yet be able to prevent RA from developing, there is much we can do to improve our own health, as well as the health of our communities. Later this month, Cathy will write about National Public Health Week and what it means for us.


    Some members of our writing team have been looking into issues that require more than one post. Lisa has previously written about donating blood and organs and whether this is possible when you have RA. To mark April being the National Donate Life Month, she will continue her exploration of the issues around organ and tissue donation and how they relate to RA and RA research. In another continuing story, Leslie will write about her journey to find out whether her headaches are related to RA, the meds or something else entirely. And while we are speaking of possible side effects, RA meds are notorious for messing with you(r gastrointestinal system. Later this month, I'll look into what you can do to manage such issues.


    The impact of the medication isn't just physical, it can be financial, as well, especially when you look at the cost of many of the medications for RA. Brad will take a look at how to stretch your prescription dollars.


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    April is also National Poetry Month and we thought it might be fun if some of the posts on the RA Community marked this way of communicating. Lisa is going to take the lead and post poetry about RA. Will you join her? We'll feature some of the best poetry written by community members in our weekly newsletter.


    We look forward to talking with you throughout this month. Let's jump into spring together!

Published On: April 01, 2012