The Month Ahead: Finding Happiness, Independence & Something Exciting

  • We are mere days away from the entire country celebrating a day of independence. Every year, I look at the joy that is expressed by my friends in the US on July 4 and can't help getting caught up in the spirit of the thing. Independence is an important concept, whether it's from a national or personal perspective. Independence is freedom and for most of us, freedom is a big part of being happy.


    One of the things that makes us happy this month is a top-secret plan for something very exciting that could make quite a splash in the community! Stay tuned - we'll be making the announcement in another week or so.

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    We won't just be focusing on secret plans. We’ll also bring you our usual top-notch content on a number of topics. This month, we'll be exploring a number of themes including independence and happiness. But before we get there, we need to talk about another reason that this is an important month. July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month. This is a topic that is especially relevant for a couple of the team members. Both Chad and myself were diagnosed with what was then called Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis as children. Both of us will write about JA from different perspectives, among them Chad's post with tips for parenting a child with JA.


    When you live with a chronic illness like RA, it can feel as if your independence is challenged on an almost daily basis. Dealing with the pain, fatigue, doctor’s appointments, medications and financial challenges can make it feel as if you’re no longer in control of your life. This month, several of our team members are going to explore ways to get back in control and connect to feeling more independent.


    Lisa will write about taking control of your health from a general perspective. Other team members will write about specific aspects of taking control of your health. V is going to talk about how to assess when the medication may not be working well enough, making it necessary to talk to your rheumatologist about treatment options. Cathy is going to look at the issue from the other side of the coin and write about what happens once you find the medication that works for you.


    Leslie is going to talk about the intricacies of pain and how to distinguish RA pain from other types of pain. She'll also look into the topic of eye health and RA. As we expand from RA specific issues to more general health topics, Lisa will also write about World Hepatitis Day (July 28) and possible connections or confusions between hepatitis and RA.


    This is a busy month with a number of awareness events and one in particular tickled our fancy. July is National Tickling Month! This is a welcome reminder that life isn't just about being serious - it's important to have fun, too. Finding ways to connect to joy and happiness will help you cope better with the challenges of life. How do you do that? Cathy, Brad and I are all going to explore the topics of fun, tickling and finding happiness.


    We look forward to talking to you about these and many other topics!

Published On: July 02, 2012