The Month Ahead: Alternate Routes

  • I have a recurring dream. The context differs, but it is always the same theme. In these dreams, I am moving towards something (an exit, a room) and every time I get close, I am yanked back to the beginning, only to start over again. I call them my Sisyphus dreams, after the guy in Greek legend, who was doomed by the gods to push a boulder up a hill over and over and over again. My Sisyphus dreams remind me that I need to take a step back and think about other ways of getting to where I want to go.


    So much of living with RA is rolling a boulder up a hill over and over again. You try to find a medication that works, ways to live your life and you try and then try some more, and nothing works. When that happens, it is a reminder that you have to find an alternate route to your goal. This month, will focus on the theme of alternate routes to get to your goal and in the process, hopefully help you think about ways to get out of your Sisyphus dreams.

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    First, we need to send wishes of good luck to Chad. His life outside the Internet is so busy that he no longer has time to write for us. Although we are sad to see him go, we are always happy when our team members have so much going on that they need to focus elsewhere. It means they're doing well. Thanks for everything, Chad!


    One of the cornerstones of building a good foundation so you can pursue your goals is to manage the various aspects of your RA. Sleep is an important part of this process, but a number of factors can affect how well you sleep. Later this month, Lisa will write about sleep apnea and what you can do to manage it. August is Cataract Awareness Month and to mark this, Lisa will also write about eye health. Another important tool for managing RA can be physical therapy. V has been having some challenges with her feet and will tell us what her physical therapist is doing to help.


    Another cornerstone of good health is making sure that your medication is doing what it should. Leslie is going to write an update about her adventures with Humira and tell us about changing the way she takes it. Brad will talk about treating your pain with medication, in particular about adapting meds to the varying requirements of RA.


    Medication and RA affects how we do things, both separately and together. One of those things is parenting. August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week and later this month, Leslie will write about breastfeeding and how it may be affected by RA and the medications we take for the disease. Another aspect of parenting is the annual celebration known as "Back to School," something which is a huge relief for many parents! Cathy is a teacher and knows until now homeschooled her children. This is her first year with kids going to school and she'll write about what parents can do to make such a transition easier as they prepare children and themselves to get ready, both in general and every day.


    V is also on the move. She recently got herself a snazzy new scooter and is using it to go out and about in her community. In her second post this, she'll write about how to stay involved in life when mobility becomes an issue.


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    Remember last month when I mentioned something new and exciting? We had to delay it a little to fine-tune the project. However, our new awareness campaign for RA is almost ready to launch. Please come back next week for the launch of this campaign and join us in raising awareness about the reality of living with RA!

Published On: August 01, 2012