RA2day: An Awareness Campaign for Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • What does your experience with RA look like today? Is it an intimidating pile of medication, a swollen joint or testing a new mobility aid? Is it playing with your kids in the backyard, getting back into a kayak or baking a cake? Are you having a good day or a bad one? What do you want the world to know about RA? What do you want others with the disease to know about what is possible?


    We are excited to announce the launch of RA2day, an awareness campaign for rheumatoid arthritis! We hope that it will help increase knowledge about RA - what it is, what it isn't and what it can be.


    This is what you do: take a photo or make a video of your RA, whenever you want - today, tomorrow, next week, next month. Then share it with us on social media (more details below) and tag it with the identifier RA2day. Some of you already share images about your day. We hope that the RA2day campaign will lead to many more joining in this way of letting others know what it's like to live with RA.

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    By identifying our posts with the tag RA2day, each image or video will become part of a greater whole. Where before each of our individual postings were shared with family and friends, now they will also be part of a campaign that has the potential to make a big impact!


    Twitter. Share your image with the hashtag #RA2day. Please also mention our Twitter account @RAHealthCentral so we can help promote your tweet. Wouldn't it be exciting if we can make an RA awareness campaign trend on Twitter?


    Facebook. Hop on over to Facebook and Like our RAHealthCentral page - our URL is easy to remember: www.facebook.com/RAHealthCentral. Post your photo or video and check out what other community members have posted. If you post on your own Timeline or Facebook page, please tag us with @RAHealthCentral so we can pop by and comment or Share.


    And it doesn't stop there! We want to build this into as big an awareness campaign as possible. We’re doing a big push out in August and hope the campaign will take off and have a life of its own that extends for months or perhaps even years.


    Together, we can help others understand what RA is, who gets it and what their lives look like. Together, we can help those new to RA be less frightened and have more hope. Together, we will reclaim the imagery used about us and our RA!



Published On: August 07, 2012