The Month Ahead: Pain and You

  • Pain. If you have RA, you know pain. You can probably talk for quite a while about different kinds of pain, its qualities, qualities and colors and what it does to your life.


    Pain. It's something we have in common with a lot of other people who live with other conditions. Osteoarthritis, breast cancer, back pain, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, migraine and the list goes on. September is Pain Awareness Month and to mark this, writers from across HealthCentral will be posting about issues related to pain, coping with pain and advocacy. We hope that this will help you live better with pain, as well as help to raise awareness and understanding about what it's like to live with chronic pain. Throughout the month, check back for new posts on this topic.

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    Many of this month’s posts on RAHealthCentral will in some way or other be connected to the issue of pain. We well write about living with pain, treating pain, what it's like when the medications work and what it's like when they don't. We'll talk about the frustrations of having pain and what you can do to cope better with it.


    Brad’s post about pain meds was delayed until this month. He’ll write about how your approach to taking pain meds will need to evolve and change as your RA changes. I'll also talk about meds and how to get effective pain control if you have a history of addiction


    Lisa is also going to share post about how medication has had a very interesting effect on her preparations for her wedding. She'll also share the story of a woman who’s had a remarkable journey after getting her RA diagnosis and getting effective treatment.


    Medication isn't the only way to treat pain. In fact, you'll probably benefit from using a variety of treatments and techniques that together can control your pain better than medication alone. Leslie will write about yoga and how you can use this type of exercise and meditation to live better with RA.


    Pain doesn't just affect you physically, but also packs a punch emotionally. It can contribute to feelings of depression, even suicidal thoughts. V is going to explore support systems and their importance in coping with chronic pain. In her second post, Leslie will write about suicide and what to do when your mood gets really dark.


    As we write about pain and RA, we’ll also be continuing our new awareness campaign RA2day. We encourage you to post your own photos and messages about your days with RA on Twitter and the RAHealthCentral Facebook page. You can read more information about the campaign in my post on RA2day.


    You may have noticed that I didn't mention Cathy in this month's round up. She’s still with us, doing well, but this month is going to be very busy for her. She's taking a break and will be back soon.


    September isn't just about creating awareness of chronic pain, it's also a time where lots of kids are going back to school. Last month, many HealthCentral writers posted on the themes of education. Some posts are about preparing kids with certain medical conditions to go back to school, other posts are about education in a wider sense, for instance, how to teach children about chronic conditions. Check out our Teaching Life Lessons page for links to lots of great posts.


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    We look forward to talking with you this month!

Published On: September 01, 2012