The Month Ahead: Transitions, Finances and World Arthritis Day

  • The air is crisp, the leaves are turning and everywhere I go, squirrels are busy foraging and burying their treasures. There's no doubt about it, fall has arrived. This time of year is one of my favorites. Although there's a bit of nip in the wind, the weather is still nice enough that you don't have to get out the parka and wool socks yet. It feels invigorating. Early fall has always felt like beginning of the year to me, more so than January. There's a sense of anticipation in the air, a sense of transition much different than what happens in the depth of winter.


    This month is marked by transitions on your RAHealthCentral team. Cathy is moving on for the best of reasons. Her meds are working and her life is taking flight. Cathy has been an important part of our team, offering a voice of grounded practicality mixed with spirituality. She was share that voice with us in her last post towards the end of the month when she'll write about the goal she's been working towards for the last few months. Please join us in wishing Cathy good luck in her future adventures!

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    Another new voice is joining the team. Carrie Beth Brown (previously Rain Dancer) has been an active member of our community for a while now. We liked her writing and commitment to the RA community so much that we asked her to come write for us. She'll start later this week with an introduction post so we can get to know her better. Welcome, Carrie Beth! We look forward to hearing more from you.


    When you're diagnosed with a chronic illness like RA, there is an emotional and practical transition to a new way of life. There is also a financial transition - having a chronic illness can be expensive. This month, writers from all of the RAHealthCentral sites will explore the financial side of living with medical conditions. Both Carrie Beth and I will explore this topic later this month.


    When your RA is severe, it can also lead to another transition, this one in your work life. Work requires a lot of energy and can be difficult when you live with active disease or disability. V is going to take a look at making the decision to stop working.


    There are many ideas on how to manage the symptoms of your RA and some revolve around diet and home remedies. This month, Leslie will look at making the choice to become a vegetarian and Lisa will write about a new study that investigated whether tart cherries had any effect on symptoms of gout.


    Living with a chronic illness isn't just about money and managing symptoms, it's also about being safe. Two of our writers will look at different aspects of safety. Brad will write about fire prevention and escape planning when you have RA. In her second post, Leslie will tell us about her experiences participating in kickboxing.


    Throughout this year, we have provided you with information and posts that follow our 2012 theme of building bridges. This month, we will build a bridge to a much larger community of people living with arthritis area. October 12 is World Arthritis Day and we will join in with people across the world to help raise awareness. One of the ways we doing this on our Facebook page where community members are posting photos as part of our RA2day awareness campaign. Hop on over and show us what your RA is like today!


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    We look forward to talking to you in October!

Published On: October 01, 2012