The Month Ahead: Your Health and the Holidays

  • Earlier this week, my neighbors across the street strung colored lights on the thick bush by their front steps. Every evening when I look out my fifth floor window, I feel the warmth of the season when I see those lights in the darkness. That's what this season is all about - finding light. So many of the holidays from different traditions celebrated at this time of year are about celebrating light in various ways. And this is also what we here at RAHealthCentral are about. Giving you the information you need to move towards the light, to manage your disease and pain so you can connect to joy. To help you celebrate again. Later this month, I'll write more about how we work our way to joy and celebration in the middle of RA.

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    The holidays put extra stress on us all, both from an emotional and physical perspective. There's much more to do and although it is supposed to be a celebration, all the hustle and bustle present impact. Good stress is still stress. When you live with a chronic condition such as RA, ramping up your activities can also ramp up your symptoms. This month's HealthCentral theme is your health and the holidays. Writers from across  HealthCentral will help you find ways to enjoy the holidays while minimizing the impact on your health. Check back later this month on our site or our Facebook page for links to posts on the HealthCentral sites that focus on other health conditions.


    Here in RAHealthCentral, we've already got the ball rolling. Leslie has shared her way of getting through the busy season without triggering flares of her RA and lupus. A couple of days ago, I posted an interview with Dr. Yazici from the NYU Langone Medical Center about the interaction between RA meds and alcohol. Later this month, V will write about staying healthy during the holidays.


    One of the ways we stay healthy throughout the year is by making sure we have good specialist care. Many of us see our rheumatologists on a regular basis, but how often is often enough? What happens in between appointments? Leslie will also write about the dance we do with our rheumatologists related to the time between our appointments.


    As we come to the end of the year, many of us find ourselves thinking of what has happened in our lives in the past year. Soon after that come thoughts and hopes for the new year. Endings and beginnings are very much part of the holiday season and Leslie and Brad will both explore this topic. Also planned for December is Carrie Beth’s post on how to make resolutions that are reasonable and attainable.


    We look forward to sharing this holiday season with you, in our SharePosts and yours, as well as on our Facebook page. Be gentle with yourself as you get ready about. Remember that the best gift you can give your loved ones is a relaxed and happy you!


Published On: December 01, 2012