The Month (and Year) Ahead: Engage and Empower

  • Happy New Year!


    It's hard to believe that we are already at the end of the year. Throughout the past year, we've thoroughly enjoyed bringing you information and tips on building bridges within your life — to other people, to health professionals, to community and in advocacy. The next stage in your journey with RA is the ability to do something with those bridges. That's why our 2013 theme on RAHealthCentral is engage and empower.


    In the coming year, we will publish content to help you participate in your medical care, in your life and to connect to the knowledge you need to take control and feel comfortable doing so. We will focus on ways to strengthen each other, both as individuals and the RA community, reaching across the bridges built in the past year, so that together, we can become a power to be reckoned with. We look forward to sharing the experience with you!

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    The new year is often the occasion for making resolutions and the first two weeks in January are equally often a time where most people abandon their resolutions. How can you make changes that stick? This month, writers from many HealthCentral sites will take a look at making changes in a more long-term way, posting about tips and ideas on how to have a healthy new year. Here on RAHealthCentral, Carrie Beth has already gotten the ball rolling, writing about two important factors to making successful resolutions. Later this month, V and I will also tackle the topic of making change happen in your life.


    When we look at getting healthier, many of us look to different ways of eating and adding supplements to our daily regimen. Leslie will explore juice fasting and whether it can have health benefits for people with RA. Many of us take methotrexate as part of our treatment for RA and that often involves also taking folic acid. Lisa and Brad will write about this particular supplement for Folic Acid Awareness Week.


    January is National Mentoring Month, something that is near and dear to all our hearts in the RA online community. So much of what we do involve mentoring of others, providing support and guidance to others who live with this disease and it can also be an important part of incorporating change. Several of our writers are taking a look at mentoring and RA from different points of view. Throughout the month, look for posts from Lisa and Leslie on this topic.


    Sometimes, changes are not brought about by you, but thrust upon you by RA. Carrie Beth will explore the topic of pregnancy and RA and how the changes that happened that the disease can affect decisions around having children. I'll post on the somewhat related topic of touch and adapting how you make a physical connection when you hurt. Wrapping up the topic of dealing with RA's changes, V will write about frustration and adjusting to life’s circumstances.


    We look forward to chatting with you throughout the month, here on RAHealthCentral, as well as on our Facebook page. Let's raise a glass of champagne — but not too much, if you're on a medication where you should be careful with alcohol — and toast each other. Together, we will build an engaged and empowered community!

Published On: January 01, 2013