The Month Ahead: Food, RA and Co-Morbidities

  • I'm writing this safely inside during the tail end of the latest snow storm. After last year's mild winter in Toronto, Mother Nature has spent this year making up for lost time. This season’s been hard on many of us, repeatedly allowing us to prove the old adage about whether affecting joint pain. Spring can't come soon enough for those of us who live with rheumatoid arthritis.


    One of our team was especially hard hit. Brad spent some time in the ICU with life-threatening pneumonia. This month, he'll write the sequel to the post about his experience, discussing the risks to people with RA and what you can do to minimize that risk.

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    Food is an interesting and complicated topic for everyone. Throughout the month, writers from across HealthCentral's many sites will explore diet and healthy eating as it applies to a number of medical conditions. When you have RA, food and diet can make for additional complexity in your life. Later this month, Leslie will tackle the topic of diet and living with RA. Some of the meds we take can cause weight gain. V will write about prednisone — which is so often necessary to manage flares — and the struggles it can create with diet and weight.


    Other members of our team are going to look at diet from other angles. We've all heard about a relationship between food and RA. Whether it's opinions that certain food triggers for flares, particular diets recommended to control the symptoms of the disease or various home remedies, sometimes it seems as if everyone knows just the thing to make you feel better. Later this month, Lisa will explore research about the scientific aspects of food and RA.


    RA has the potential for a number of comorbidities. These are conditions that have a higher risk of occurring side-by-side with a particular condition. In March, we will look at several comorbidities. Carrie Beth will tell us about a condition called gastroparesis, what it means for those were living with it and how it may be connected to RA. March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month and Lisa will write about autoimmune comorbidities and MS. Later in the month, I will explore the connection between RA and diabetes.


    March is a funny month. It is both the time when we become most frustrated with winter and also the start of a new season. In only three weeks, spring will officially arrive and the world will start getting warm and green again. This is the start of a season of more freedom for those of us who have mobility difficulties that affect our ability to get around in the winter. It is also the start of a season that's about renewal and hope. In her second post this month, V will write about renewal and freedom, kicking off our celebration of spring.


    We look forward to talking to you about these and many other topics, both on the site and on our Facebook page!

Published On: March 01, 2013