The Month Ahead: Paying Attention

  • Welcome to a brand-new month! May was Arthritis Awareness Month and as always, that meant things got very busy and exciting on RAHealthCentral. Our big project this year was the RA and Exercise video and infographic, which was very well received by everyone. We also published posts related to awareness about RA and other forms of arthritis. Check out my Awareness Month Wrap-Up post this Wednesday to make sure you didn't miss anything. We did have to postpone the Facebook chat due to me injuring my hand and being unable to do much of anything. It will be rescheduled for later this month — keep an eye on our Facebook page for notices.

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    Awareness Month is always very hectic and by the end of it, I need to sleep for about a week. This fits in very well with the general HealthCentral theme in June: sleep. Many HealthCentral writers are going to explore the topic of sleep in more detail — why it's important, how to deal with difficulties sleeping and finding ways to respect your body's need for rest. People with RA have a much higher need for sleep than most and often also more difficulty falling asleep. This month, V and Leslie are going to write about sleep and how to get there.


    As you can see from the title of this edition of the Month Ahead, many of our posts this month included elements about the importance of paying attention. It's not just important to pay attention to your body's messages about needing rest, but also about a number of other signals. V’s second post this month focuses on learning how not to overdo it when you're outside enjoying the nice summer weather and in particular, paying attention to signs that your asthma or allergies may be getting out of control


    June is host to several different Awareness events. Among them is scleroderma, a type of inflammatory arthritis. Lisa will explore the topic of scleroderma and atrial fibrillation. This month is also Headache and Migraine Awareness Month and Leslie will be writing a post about her experiences with this condition.


    June 27 is HIV Testing Day. Did you know that a quarter of the people living with HIV are women? Being HIV-positive and having RA can be very complicated. Later this month, I'll publish an interview with a wonderful woman who is living with both these conditions. This month, I'll also interview the researcher who last August asked for participants in her study about chronic pain. The study is completed and I'm excited to learn about the results.


    I'd also like to give you an update about two of our team members who are currently battling health problems. Carrie Beth is doing better, but still needs to do a lot of healing before she can write for us again. Brad has been fighting his third case of severe pneumonia since Christmas. He is also improving, but away from writing for us until he heals. Please send them your thoughts and prayers.


    This online community of people living with RA is a beautiful thing. We become such close friends without ever meeting the old-fashioned way. And then every now and again, we do. Lisa had the opportunity to attend an RA Blogger Summit in New York City and she'll tell us more about the event and the online friends she saw in real life.


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    We look forward to sharing these posts with you in June and to reading about your experiences with RA. We’d also like to invite you to Like our Facebook page and join the conversation there.

Published On: June 01, 2013