The Month Ahead: Enjoying the Holidays with RA

  • I saw Santa two weeks ago in my local mall. Admittedly, he was there a bit early as a lead-in to the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, but a sighting of The Man of the Season is a sighting, no matter what time of year it is! There’s eggnog in my grocery store and every day this week, I’ve walked by the guys selling Christmas trees, inhaling deeply as I passed all the wonderful greenery. And then the insanity hit with the arrival of Black Friday and a weekend of sales leading into Cyber Monday. All of a sudden, the stress started looming on the horizon. With less than four weeks to Christmas, how will we get it all done?

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    This month on RAHealthCentral, we’ll do our best to help you not just get through the holidays, but hopefully actually enjoy them! Posts will range from the practical, as such as hand-friendly recipes and tips on how to cope emotionally, to reflections on the past and a look into the future. We’ll have something for everyone.


    Despite our consumer-focused world, this time of year still retains a focus on the importance of doing things by hand, whether it’s cooking or making presence. Many members in our community feel the impact of RA especially keenly when they have difficulties making things for the loved ones during the holidays. Several members of our team will post tips on how to satisfy the creative urge, while protecting your hands. Lisa and Vanessa will share recipes that are easy to do with RA hands and I’ll write a post with suggestions on gifts you can make yourself without paying for it with pain.


    The holiday season can be a challenge for everyone, often bringing up sadness and unresolved grief. Being limited by RA and chronic pain in how much you can participate in the celebrations can send you into a spiral of depression. Brad will write about coping with the emotional aspects of the holidays. In her second post, Vanessa will talk about pain management through the more physically demanding holiday season, which can help you cope better.


    One way to cope with changes is to adapt your traditions. This year, Leslie is celebrating the holidays in a new city and a new situation. She’ll write about making new traditions and embracing change.


    As the year winds down, reflections on the past and taking a peek at the new year is an inevitable part of our lives. Several team members will wander down memory lane, using different perspectives. Leslie will take a look at the personal, reflecting on a year of big changes. And speaking of big changes, Lisa is planning a post about an interesting new study of the differences between RA 20 years ago and now. Wrapping it all up, I’ll take a look at 2013 on RAHealthCentral.


    We look forward to hearing from you about your traditions and tips to get through the holidays with RA. Please post a SharePost to tell us your story on our Facebook page.

Published On: December 01, 2013