The Month Ahead: Doing Something New with RA

  • Have you been itching for something new? Don’t worry, so has the rest of the northern hemisphere. What with Mother Nature flexing her muscles for the last several months, we’re all ready for a change! Spring is only twenty days away and right about now is the time that people start thinking about coming out of hibernation. This month on RAHealthCentral, we’ll bring you information to help you change things up a little and get more involved in life.


    I’m thrilled to announce that we’re celebrating spring by adding two new members to the team! Please help me welcome Britt J. Johnson and Marianna Paulson, who will both be posting once a month. Britt is known in the online RA community as Hurt Blogger and has written for us before,. She’ll continue writing about juvenile arthritis, as well as a host of other interesting topics. Marianna is known for two things: her wonderful blog A Rheumful of Tips, a collection of tools, tricks and techniques for the practical side of living with RA, and she is also Auntie Stress. She’ll share her knowledge about both of those topics. Marianna and Britt will publish their first posts in the next two weeks — please keep an eye out for them here and on the RAHealthCentral Facebook page.

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    For many of us, living with RA also means living with chronic pain, almost a separate condition in itself. One is of the first things you need to do to get moving is to manage your pain. In March, two of our team members will write about this topic. Leslie and Vanessa both live with pain as a result of RA, but at different levels. They’ll share more about their experience with pain and how they manage. Lisa also has both RA and another condition: multiple sclerosis. March is MS Awareness Month and she’ll tell us more about that chronic illness.


    When you live with RA, it’s common to explore many different ways to control your symptoms. One of these is diet. Much is said about this diet or that, but is there any scientific evidence to support the claims? Lisa will look into some of the most common diets used by people with RA and explore the evidence.


    And while we’re on the topic of diet… Weight gain is a fairly common side effect of living with RA. Whether it’s from medication or from the inability to be more physically active, many of us carry around a bit of extra poundage. Later this month, I’ll tackle the topic of losing weight with RA and chronic pain. In a companion post, Leslie will write about staying active and share tips on how you can incorporate more physical activity without risking more pain.


    So, there you are. You’ve lost a bit of weight, managed your pain better and are moving more. All of these can increase your energy and naturally, you’ll want to get out more. Three members of the RA team will write posts that can help you do just that. Vanessa is writing about RA and foot pain: what causes it and how to manage. Being around more people can be a bit of a challenge for those of us who are on immunosuppressant drugs and next week, I’ll share tips on how to manage the risk of infection. What you’re ready to get out there, Brad will help you by sharing tips on traveling with RA.


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    Before I go, I’d like to encourage you to visit our Facebook page and to watch our new exciting rich media project Live Bold Live Now to hear how I reinvented my life with RA. We look forward to hearing more about your life with RA this month!

Published On: March 01, 2014