The Month Ahead: Celebrating Arthritis Awareness Month

  • Welcome to Arthritis Awareness Month on HealthCentral’s RA site! We have exciting plans to celebrate this month of raising awareness with you. We have two great projects launching in May. We’re going to keep one of them under our hats for a little while longer — be sure to check back around the middle of the month, both here and on our Facebook page to see the news. You can also subscribe to my posts, as well as any other HealthCentral writer’s posts. Simply click on our names to visit our profiles and subscribe. If you want to be sure to not miss one of our Facebook posts, click on side of the Liked button and indicate you want to get notifications in your email.

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    To celebrate Arthritis Awareness Month, we’re launching a special project with a new way to inspire you! Have you seen our Live Bold documentaries? In addition to the immersive stories profiling individuals with RA, Crohn’s and psoriasis, we now also have a new profile of Jodi Edwards who lives with MS. In addition to these larger projects, we will continue to focus on telling stories to inspire and move you. Later this month, we’re launching a new feature on the RA site called Defining Moments with RA. They tell the story of an individual’s defining moment in the journey with RA, something that empowered them and set them on a different path. In May, we’ll talk to Britt about her commitment to physical activity and to Brad about his work in advocacy.


    Many of us advocate in small and big ways throughout the year, but this is the month where we go into high gear to increase the understanding of the over 100 different types of arthritis. If you’ve been thinking of starting to advocate, but aren’t sure how to do it, you’ll want to read Leslie’s post later this month. She’s going to explore some of the ways you can get involved in advocacy, from smaller, less energy-intensive methods, to more in-depth involvement. In her second post, she’ll do some advocacy of her own by giving us more information about lupus.


    May is also home to Mother’s Day and we have a collection of posts related to mothers and mothering. In a week or so, I’ll write an in-depth article on pregnancy and RA, giving you more of the information you need to make decisions about becoming a mother. Lisa will also explore a topic rather integral to becoming a mother, namely relationships and sex.  But what about those of us who don’t have children? Britt will tell us about her decision to not have children and Vanessa will explore different types of nurturing.


    This month is also the traditional start of full-on gardening season. This can be a very physical endeavor, so how can you do it without risking an RA flare? Marianna’s post on gardening and RA has a number of tips to help you start growing your garden painlessly.


    In between all the special content we’re bringing you this month, we’re also going to continue our commitment to give you basic information to build your foundation of dealing with RA. One of the tools many of us use to identify issues is a symptom diary. In a few weeks, I’ll write about how to keep one and why they’re useful. Lisa is busy doing research to complete her series on diet and RA. Gluten-free diets are all the range these days — is there evidence that they can help RA? Check back later this month to see Lisa’s post on this topic.


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    We look forward to hearing your stories about defining moments, creating awareness, and how you live with RA throughout the month. Please share them here on the site in SharePosts or on our Facebook page!

Published On: May 01, 2014