Fight RA Stigma and #LiveBold

  • We want to end the stigma of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and we need your help.


    Stigma is a social label applied to a person who is different, resulting in a negative perception and/or exclusion. If you live with RA, you’re probably nodding as you read that. We all live with the consequences of being stigmatized. This can include others judging you as “lazy” because you take the elevator instead of the stairs, your impulse to hide your hands because they show the marks of RA or the widespread perception that RA is “just a bit of arthritis.” This summer, HealthCentral is giving you a forum to fight back and you can even win $500!

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    RA and other forms of inflammatory arthritis make everything more challenging. And yet, so many rise to that challenge every single day.  You push through the pain and fatigue, take care of your families, meet obligations and work in the community to raise awareness of RA and help others with the disease. When you’re done with all that, you do some more. This is what it means to Live Bold. It’s about persevering with a chronic illness, about thriving, even with the challenges you face.


    The #LiveBold anti-stigma photo campaign is about telling the story of your accomplishments. Big, small or in between, all of you have done something that makes you proud. Maybe it’s going to work despite high levels of pain, maybe it’s raising your children, walking your dog every day, raising awareness about RA or learning to fence. You get the idea.


    To join the campaign, submit a photo that shows how you Live Bold, accompanied by a 250 word description. Enter on the contest page here on HealthCentral or the #LiveBold Facebook page. And then tell everyone you know through social media using the hashtag #LiveBold. A month from now, the voting period starts and I’ll tell you more about that in July. Right now, it’s about sharing your story.


    How do you Live Bold?




Published On: June 18, 2014