The Month Ahead: Living Better with RA

  • And so the holiday season begins... Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, which means the December holidays are right on the horizon. It is the beginning of the busy time, the frenzy of parties and presents. But it’s not an easy time when you have a chronic illness. Amidst all the joy is the exhaustion that comes from revving up when you’re already running on fumes. We want to help you get through it, and we are starting early. November’s posts on HealthCentral’s RA site are all about finding a way to living better with RA.


    There are many aspects to improving your quality of life when you have RA. One of these is the physical. Medication can form the foundation of building a better life by controlling your RA. The medications that do this are called disease modifying antirheumatic drugs, or DMARDs. This month, I’ll continue my series on RA medications in a post about non-biologic DMARDs. Finding a medication that works for you can be tricky and may involve trying several different drugs. In her first post this month, Lisa will explore signs that you may need to change your RA treatment.

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    Getting better physically isn’t just about medication. Body awareness practices can be very helpful in changing how you move so you feel better. Marianna’s post this month looks at body awareness, what it is, and how to do it.


    If you’ve been having trouble getting your RA under control, it can lead to damage to your joints that may require surgery to repair. There are numerous kinds of surgery that may be useful in managing RA. Brad will tell us about his recent wrist fusion surgery and how it has helped him.


    There is an increasing understanding in the medical field that wellness is a result of both the physical and the mental. Many of us struggle with the idea of asking for help or changing how we live our lives. Later this month, Britt will write about her own struggle with asking for help. Leslie will post about resources and books that can help you live better with lupus, and Lisa is going to share some easy holiday recipes that can make the coming season easier for you.


    Last on our list of November posts to help you cope better is a trio that deals with emotional health through positivity. Vanessa and I will approach the topic from slightly different directions. I’ll write about how to stay positive with RA and Vanessa will focus on practicing gratitude. How do you get there? We’ll tell you more about this later in the month, but one way can be to give back to the community by volunteering. Leslie will tell us more about that in her second post.


    What do you do that helps you live better with RA? We are looking forward to reading your stories and talking with you both here on the RA site and on our Facebook page.


Published On: November 01, 2014