The Month Ahead: Holiday Planning and Resolutions with RA

  • When it comes to planning, both for the holidays and the future, there are generally two kinds of people. Some have a time and action plan, every step and scenario plotted out. Others fly by the seat of their pants. The unpredictability of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can push you into the latter group, which can be quite stressful. This month, we are reflecting on matters of planning. We’ll help you get through the holidays and the winter months, as well as taking a more long-term look on living with RA and connecting in the community.


    First things first. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the cold has settled in early. Many of us have started predicting precipitation as changes in weather announces itself with increased RA symptoms. When the weather triggers increased pain and your brain becomes as clouded as a dense peasoup fog, this time of year can be especially difficult to get through. Lisa will come to the rescue with posts on how to get through winter with RA and more information about RA-related brain fog. Treating your RA can be one of the essential components in reducing symptoms and clearing your hand. Later this week, I’ll publish the third in my series on RA medications, this one giving you the skinny on Biologics.

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    Are you ready for the holidays? No? That’s alright, we’ll help you there. Marianna’s post with gift ideas for people who have RA contains a variety of different ideas that can make your life easier. Print it out and casually leave it lying around for hints to your loved ones. Later this month, I’ll post tips on surviving the holidays with RA so you can enjoy the coming weeks. Vanessa is also writing about Christmas and RA.


    December is also the month where many of us are caught in the grip of reflection. Brad will post about reflecting on the changes RA has brought into his life. Other types of reflection focuses more on the future. Do you make resolutions? Leslie will write about the annual practice of resolving to improve when you have a chronic illness. I’ll take a look at the topic from a slightly different perspective, writing about making plans for the future when you live with an unpredictable disease.


    There are different ways of striving for improvement. One is the personal, expressed in resolutions. Later this month, Leslie will write about the positive aspect of pushing yourself when you have RA. Another way of working towards improvement is the work many of us do in advocacy. But are we all on the same page? Britt will write about factions and politics in the RA online community and how we can all begin to work together.


    What are you doing to get ready for the holidays? Have you started thinking about the new year yet? Tell us your stories in a SharePost or on our Facebook page.

Published On: December 01, 2014