NewWayRA a Helpful Tool For People Newly Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Centocor Corp's at it again.


    A year ago, the makers of Remicade created the GeneRAtions program. Based on two large studies of people living with RA and rheumatologists, it provided valuable information about rheumatoid arthritis (you can read my interview with Joy Fawcett, Olympic gold-medal winner and spokesperson for GeneRAtions here). They haven't rested on their laurels.


    Today is the launch of NewWayRA, an online talk show about rheumatoid arthritis. Hosted by Deborah Norville (Inside Edition, Today), it features segments with different experts discussing aspects of living with RA. Norville speaks to a rheumatologist, a dietitian, a counselor, a fitness trainer and a career coach and all interviews are warm, relaxed and provides excellent information and suggestions about navigating life with RA.

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    I previewed the program earlier this week and was impressed. NewWayRA provides an excellent starting point for people who have just been diagnosed, as well as ideas and reinforcement of existing knowledge for people who have lived with RA for a longer time. I especially liked the recipes posted on the dietitian's area, but then, I'm all about the food...


    If NewWayRA is a success, Centocor is considering creating more episodes.


Published On: July 29, 2009