How Faith and Spirituality Helps You Cope with Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • We don't talk too much about faith and spirituality around here. What you believe and what gets you through is very personal and although many of us touch on it occasionally in SharePosts, it tends to be in the background. Not just because of the privacy thing, but probably also because generally, there is no faster way to ruin a good conversation than to bring up religion and politics.


    But now we're going there.


    We here at HealthCentral have the opportunity to share content with the On Faith department of the Washington Post. The idea is that we will collect questions regarding faith, spirituality and health, send it to the to Faith and Healing bloggers who will then provide answers or, at least, commentary. Some of the topics covered recently in the On Faith section are:

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    • H1N1 vaccine: Option or Moral Duty?
    • Faith and Health Care Reform
    • Healing Power of Meaningful Work
    • The Healing Power of Touch
    • Can Grief be Postponed?
    • Faith's Role in Coping with Disease


    Do you have questions related to faith, health and healing that you would like for the Faith bloggers to write about? Then please put it in the comments of this post. We'll send them on and let you know when the bloggers have posted.


Published On: October 19, 2009