Been gone for awhile, I am back!

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  • Hi guys,

    Been gone for sometime. I was flaring to beat the band, not feeling like doing anything other than hiding in bed with the covers over my head. I started Orencia in Nov and in Jan it kicked in! I felt BETTER!!! I was not ready to run a marathon, but I didnt want to scream when my feet hit the floor either! I will TAKE IT! :) THEN......... just as I was enjoying my new found health, I got the flu. (yes, I got the flu vaccine) I was 800 miles from home visiting my mom in a backwater PA town where I grew up. I got sick early in the morning, could not keep my pills down, and by 6pm was dizzy and the room would spin when I tried to get up. Off to hospital I went, I was severly dehydrated, had a virus which was overwhelming my immune system and was in an adrenal crisis. The little local hospital wanted NOTHING to do with me! They life flighted me to a large city and a great hospital. I spent 6 days in ICU and a few more in a regular room. Seems my adrenal glands just said "Thats it, were done"! Now I have instructions on doubling my dose if I get sick, not that I could keep it down, so not sure what a great idea that is! I also found out I DO NOT have Asthma like I was told many many moons ago, I have COPD! I DONT SMOKE! UGH! Anyway, anyone have any ideas to share about adrenal issues or COPD? I would love to hear them!!!

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    OH! My rhuemy also gave me an rx for Daliudad! On bad days, take one of those babies and SHAZAM! No more pain! :)


    Good to be back!



Published On: March 05, 2011