Starting Arava again today. Missing my high dose Prednisone.

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  • I started Arava a few weeks ago, and 3 days later came down with Pneumonia. I think I was already losing the pneumonia battle before I started the Arava, and my RA doc agrees, but it still makes me nervous to start it again.  While I was in the hospital they stopped the Arava and upped my Prednisone to 120mg a day........I was in heavan! I normally take 40mg a day which helps with the swelling and pain. As I weaned back down to 40mg the swelling and pain came rushing back in. Got to say I am hoping the Arava kicks in quick as I am pretty miserable again at the moment. Sleep evades me unless I turn the tv on in the afternoon.....that puts me out right away! I have found that "Law and Order" is a really good sleep treatment! Smile I have read over and over about how people HATE to tell you, if I could stay on 120mg a day, I would be it's biggest fan of all time! It is the only med that has made me feel really good again. I was walking the beach with little pain, went shopping with my wife without my cane, and just overall felt almost normal! I understand there are side effects, but there are side effects with all the meds I hear about for RA. Why do people so villify Pred? I read about people hating to be on 5mg a day, when 40mg barely touches me without the pain pills as well. Is there something more I should know about Pred? All I know is I have enjoyed the last several days very much, minor swelling, lowered pain.......and I as kiss the high dose goodbye the reality of RA comes rushing back to me, I am back on my cane, my feet and hands are killing me again. I guess this is the new normal.......but I miss my Pred! Am I the only fan of it?

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Published On: May 05, 2009