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    I have been on this site for awhile, answering what I can, and trying to offer support as well. I was dx'd with Raynauds many years ago, last April, after many dr visits I was dx'd with RA as well as Sjogrens. Last month I was dx'd with PA as well in my feet and now I am also diabetic from the Pred I take. (40mg a day). I am depressed, am on Zoloft that seems to help somewhat. I take 20 meds a day. Some twice a day. I just find no relief to the pain and stiffness. My Rheumy changed my pain meds to Vicodin which does help if I take the 4 a day he recommended, which makes me zone out on top of the fatigue. I am just so tired of this..........anyone else in this situation? I get sick of watching the "Yes I Can" commercials on tv, and hearing the happy go lucky stories of how you take a med and you feel so much better. I had to leave my career, don't feel better, struggle financially and think this just plain sucks. I have lost most of my friends, 90% of my work contacts, and half of my family thinks I am just nuts. Yeah, my ankles and knees are swollen, I cant use my hands that much, at least to pick stuff up and they shake all the time, I walk with a cane, but I don't look that sick. I am just tired of all of it. I want to walk my dog, take care of my wife, go to work, just live a normal life. Just venting.........

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Published On: July 23, 2009