Starting Rituxin

Brad Health Guide
  • Hi Guys,

    I am starting Rituxin on Dec 2nd and wanted to get any suggestions or warnings that you may have for me before I start. I have been through bi weekly Humira, and weekly Humira with nothing but a skin rash to show for it. I was on Arava, then went to Palenquil, and now back to Arava with a good chance of starting MTX with my second dose of Rituxin. I also have Sjorgrens, psoriatic arthritis and raynauds. I take Salagen, Lasix, and several ointments as well as vicodin for pain. I understand that Rituxin kills off b cells instead of t cells but I do not know what to expect as far as infusion day. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I have been flaring for over a year now and just want some relief. Frown

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Published On: November 23, 2009